Virtual Therapist – 2016 - 2017







This project was done for Resolve of Rochester in order to create a virtual therapist for use in an application. The target audience was for both victims and offenders of domestic violence. Different 3D characters were created to match appropriately with various viewers. Male, female, and juvenile characters were created for use in the application. The idea was to swap out certain features of the 3D characters (skin color, clothing, or hair) in order to relate better to the particular viewer.

The patient would answer questions using the application on a tablet or phone and interact with the virtual therapist. The virtual therapist would in no way replace an actual counselor, but instead help the patient outside of the sessions if it was needed. It would also act as a preliminary step before seeing a counselor so that the counselor could review the data and come up with the perfect plan to help the patient move forward.

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